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One Giant Leap

The truth behind the moon landing – an event series

On 20 July 1969, half a billion viewers saw only Apollo 11’s spectacularly successful landing on the moon, never knowing how close to a disaster it really was. The Lunar Module Eagle, in theory an impregnable refuge for the moonwalkers, was hardly more than a foil-wrapped canister held together by rivets and hope. Its picture-perfect landing on the moon was only seconds away from catastrophe. NASA’s public relations team fashioned an image of perfection for the astronauts and their families, but the halos didn’t fit – and the agency knew it.

ONE GIANT LEAP pierces the layers of a saga that’s been shrouded in myth for fifty years. It triumphs technology and strikes at the heart of what it means to be human. Above all, it’s a thriller whose intensity continues to ratchet upward even though its conclusions are as indisputable as the speed of light. We’re compelled to take the ride because, whether we’re flying into the unchartered territory of space or delving into the uncertain landscape of our own lives, it’s not the ending that counts. It’s the journey.

The series will have six one-hour episodes, each with a distinct perspective. One Giant Leap will premiere in 2019 – the 50th anniversary of the mission’s launch. It will feel as contemporary as tomorrow. Multiple storylines of those who became household names and those who until now have remained anonymous will combine to create the larger story of Apollo 11.

Written by Stephen Kronish ( 24, The Kennedys )

Producer: Mike Medavoy ( One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Annie Hall, Black Swan )


An unmissable New Series from the Producer of Game of Thrones, Frank Doelger

Paris in the long, hot summer of 1482 is a city on the edge of implosion. Quasimodo is set in the medieval city of Paris, a place riven by political tensions between Church and King, between a burgeoning middle class and a suffering underclass.

The city is like a pool of petrol, just waiting for a spark to turn it into an inferno. That spark is provided by the infamous Quasimodo, the feared hunchback of Notre Dame, one of the great characters of world literature. The bogeyman of Paris, he is safe as long as he stays inside the walls of the cathedral. But when the strange, beautiful Esmeralda enters the city with her travelling band of vagrant actors, the besotted Quasimodo is tempted out into the streets to get closer to her. It is a catastrophic decision that will end in spiralling violence, political chaos and a city in flames.

Dark, sensuous and brutal, Quasimodo is a doomed love story that will end in heart-breaking tragedy.

Based on The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo
Written by Ashley Pharoah ( Life on Mars )
Executive Producers Frank Doelger, David Tanner, Tracey Scoffield, Charles Dance and Peter Dinklage


Silo is an emotional, violent, high concept drama set in the indeterminate future, with all the right ingredients for high-stakes escapist entertainment.

But it is also a hyper relevant cautionary tale. A metaphor for immigration, apartheid, classism, global warming and terrorism. Taking place in San Francisco, the birthplace of modern technology, SILO presents a world in which technology has not saved us.

Climate change, overpopulation, food shortage, water shortage, classism and poverty have all taken their toll and created a world of those that have everything, and those that have nothing: those on the Inside, and those on the Outside.

This is a world full of full bodied characters from a border guard, Elias, with a son, a crumbling marriage, and a lifetime dedicated to keeping the outsiders out, only to find out he was illegally smuggled in as a baby and is himself and outsider too.

To a lethal warlord and outsider named Vic who has recently found Jesus. When he is reunited with his son, who he hasn’t seen in 40 years, he thinks it’s a sign from God, until he realizes who his son is. Or a young woman named Adrian who lives on the outside supporting her five siblings because her mother is a prostitute who spends all the money she makes on her drug habit instead of her children, forcing her daughter to work as domestic help on the inside.

Silo is a rich, character driven thriller that will move you while it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

WRITTEN BY PETER HORTON ( Thirtysomething, Grey’s Anatomy, New Amsterdam )